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    The Lobby Library is located in the lobby of the Worship Center. Materials are available for self-checkout whenever the building is open. It features counseling/self-help books, fiction, biographies, and books for children, pre-teens, and young adults. This area also has special displays of materials that focus on sermon topics, spiritual formation class topics, and other areas of interest.

    The Resource Library isn’t just for academics and scholars. It offers tools for digging deeper into the Bible that will give any Christian expanded understanding of Scripture.
    • BIBLE HANDBOOKS: Include pictures and maps as well as the history, culture, archeology, and language of the books of the Bible.
    • BIBLE DICTIONARIES: More than simple definitions, these volumes include background information on the particular word or topic and may also offer maps, family trees, charts, and illustrations.
    • BIBLE ENCYCLOPEDIAS: Give detailed information on the people and places in the Bible as well as many other topics.
    • COMMENTARIES: Expound the Scriptures by in-depth examination of Bible passages, often verse by verse, with attention paid to original language, context, and purpose of the writer.
    • ATLASES: Contain maps of Bible history and the current day in the Middle East.
    There also are books on:
    • THEOLOGY: Explain Christian doctrine and often compare evangelical thought with other mainstream interpretations.
    • CHURCH HISTORY: Show how the Church has changed and grown since the time of Christ and the early Church.
    • PRAYER: Offer practical advice and inspiration for personal and corporate prayer.
    The Resource Library also stocks a number of different Bible translations, Greek and Hebrew interlinear Bibles, and books on ethics, apologetics, and missions.

    Checkout Procedures:

    1. Choose books.
    2. Fill out check out sheet.
    3. Fill out card from book.
    4. Deposit card in rack (basket in ARC).
    5. Take books home to enjoy.
    6. Return books in three weeks.
    7. Renew* the book if you need it for more than three weeks.
    * Call 414-228-5220 x247, or send the library an to renew.
    Service Times: Saturdays at 5pm | Sundays at 8, 9:30, & 11 am

    Worship Services

    Saturdays at 5 pm
    Sundays at 8, 9:30 & 11 am

    Prayer Services

    Tuesdays 5:30-6:30pm
    in the Worship Hall


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