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    It is with great joy that Eastbrook Church participates in the preparation and officiating of Christian marriages. We believe that the only sure foundation for any marriage is a total commitment by both individuals to the saving life of Jesus Christ. Therefore, this is our primary concern as we begin the process for any marriage. It will be necessary for both participants to give a personal testimony of their relationship to Jesus Christ. Once a pastor has been chosen or assigned to perform a wedding ceremony, it will be necessary for the couple to schedule an appointment with that pastor. This time together will assist the pastor in his pre-marital ministry to you. The pastor will prayerfully consider the feedback provided by the Marriage Preparation Class facilitators, as well as the information he has gleaned from his own interview with the couple as he prepares for the wedding ceremony. Because we believe that Christian marriage is a holy union instituted by God, we take this responsibility very seriously. An Eastbrook pastor will not marry any couple that is currently living together. It may be necessary for a pastor to postpone or refuse to perform a wedding if there are serious issues that he feels need to be addressed.

    Facility Usage

    The use of Church facilities for wedding and/or reception is restricted to:
    • Members (or regular attendees for at least 6 months)
    • Immediate families of members
    • The Sanctuary can seat approximately 785 people on the ground floor and 150 people in the balcony. The Fellowship Hall can seat approximately 225 people.
    Because Eastbrook is an active church body, with many ministries going on daily, we are not able to make accommodations in the sanctuary that will inhibit other ongoing ministry. For example, a drama set may be in the drama area of the sanctuary. Also, the artwork in the sanctuary is not moved or removed for weddings.

    It is required that all areas of the building be left in the condition in which they were found prior to your use.

    Time Limitations

    Use of the Church facilities is always scheduled with regular Church activities receiving priority. When the calendar is clear, weddings may be scheduled as follows:

    In order to facilitate other ministry functions, there is a maximum time allotment for weddings depending on the day they are performed. This includes dressing, ceremony, pictures, reception line, etc.
    We designate that weddings held on Saturday begin no later than 1 pm and they must exit the facility by 3pm for preparations for our Sat. pm service.
    The fellowship hall may be utilized for receptions, but keep in mind that the evening church service will be starting at 5:00.
    SUNDAYS: The earliest start time available on Sundays is 1:30.

    Date Reservations

    All dates requested are subject to approval by Eastbrook staff. Due to the extensive use of the Worship Building, it is important that you reserve the date through the Church Secretary at 414-228-5220 as soon as possible.
    Service Times: Saturdays at 5pm | Sundays at 8, 9:30, & 11 am

    Worship Services

    Saturdays at 5 pm
    Sundays at 8, 9:30 & 11 am

    Prayer Services

    Tuesdays 5:30-6:30pm
    in the Worship Hall


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