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    Really Simple Syndication (RSS) enables sharing of content across the internet. All of the news, events, and blogs on our website are consumable by an RSS aggregator, or in more simpler terms, an RSS reader. There are various applications you can use to obtain these feeds. Most browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome incorporate bookmarking RSS feeds. You may also download a separate application by searching for "RSS Reader" in your search engine.

    A podcast is a collection of files (usually audio but may include video) residing at a unique web feed address. You can subscribe to our Sunday sermons podcast by submitting the feeds address to iTunes. When new episodes become available they will be automatically be downloaded by iTunes to your computer.  Just follow these simple steps:
    1. Download iTunes here: http://www.itunes.com/download/
    2. Install and launch iTunes.
    3. In iTunes click Advanced, Subscribe to Podcast...
    4. Enter the following URL in the box: http://feeds.feedburner.com/eastbrookchurch/TxJv. Click OK.
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