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    Supporting worship services four or five weekends a year and orchestral accompaniment for occasional choral, ensemble works and ministry programs.

    It is a huge and rare blessing that Eastbrook Church has a large group of worshippers who are skillful, gifted, and available to offer instrumental praise and worship.  This fits the vision at Eastbrook for the arts to be reclaimed for God’s glory—visually, audibly, orally, in movement, in song and with every instrument. The Worship Orchestra is a loving, diverse group that includes all age groups (age 8 to 70) and all economic, race & cultural backgrounds.

    The Worship Orchestra helps in the community and around the world with:

    Greater Milwaukee Jazz Education Foundation, which provides free instruments and music lessons for inner city youth.
    Instrumental Expo Global Missions Projects, which facilitates church orchestra mission trips around the world.
    Outreach and music ministry support.

    Program Outline

    • To pray together as a ministry.
    • To have a prayer night at the beginning of each semester and attend spiritual formation classes with the Worship, Music & Arts groups.
    • To communicate individually with qualified people and to build up and encourage the talents of all involved.
    • To rehearse and prepare the Worship Orchestra to accompany worship services.
    • To enhance a musical work in lieu of using accompaniment tracks.
    • To participate in evangelistic outreach programs (e.g. Gospel Praise Night, Christmas programs at area shopping malls, outdoor summer concerts, and minimum security prison worship services) as well as special invitational events.
    • To develop a Youth Orchestra plan: a beginner's group and an intermediate group that would play twice a year in addition to the student string ensembles.
    • To provide spiritual formation support and a worship setting for Eastbrook instrumentalists who otherwise participate in only secular presentations.


    Chris Geiser
    Music Director


    To proclaim and embody the love of Jesus Christ in the city and in the world.

    Church: 5353 N Green Bay Ave.   |   Milwaukee, WI 53209
    Office: 5385 N Green Bay Ave.   |   Milwaukee, WI 53209
    414.228.5220   |   (f) 414.228.5235
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