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    Promise Kingdom Kindergarten provides a structured, playful environment for learning for our K4 and K5 children. Using the rainbow as the reminder of God's promises, our curriculum is focused on God's promise to us!

    Sunday Services

    On Sunday mornings, our curriculum includes stories about children of the BIble, grouped into units according to basic Bible promises. Using the rainbow as our reminder of God's promises, we will celebrate each new unit with a Promise Sunday, in which kids are invited to wear a specific rainbow color. Units include; God will love you forever, God will comfort you, God will do what He says, God will give you everything you need, God will guide you.

    8 AM

    Kids stay in the worship service until dismissed at around 8:30 am to the Kids’ Praise and Worship Choir (K4-2nd grade). Children staying through 2nd service will be transferred to the gym classrooms by the choir teachers. Check-in: lower level of the A-Wing.  

    9:30 AM

    This year, kids will be learning about the attributes of King Jesus by studying verses from Psalm 145 and learning stories from both the Old and New Testaments. Lessons include Bible memory, art, life application activities, and puppet review. Each new unit will be celebrated with a “Kingdom Sunday”!
     King of Majesty (Psalm 145:4-6)
     King of Mercy (Psalm 145:8,9)
     King of Power (Psalm 145:11, 12a)
     King of Compassion (Psalm 145:13d,14)
     King of Generosity (Psalm 145: 15, 16)
     King of Justice (Psalm 145:18, 19)
     Check-in: EAST side of the Gym, at the beginning of the worship service.

    11 AM

    Kids stay in the worship service until dismissed to their classes at around 11:30 am. This year, K4-2nd grade will be learning about the Fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22) as shown in the lives of people from both Old and New Testaments. Lessons include: object lessons, interactive Bible story, art or game.
    Check-in: Orange Room (1st Floor B-Wing).


    Please label all of your child’s belongings and let the caregivers know of any particular needs your child may have. This may include food allergies, potty training issues, and tips on how to comfort your child.


    Friday Mornings

    Friday mornings during the Women’s Bible Study, we offer Nursery and LAMBS for children of women who are attending the study. Kindergartners who are not yet in school on Fridays may participate in the LAMBS program during the study. We also offer Nursery at this time. Use the form below to register your child for LAMBS. Registration for the Nursery is not required.

    LAMBS School Registration

    4-Year-Old Faith Marker

    Children at about 4 years of age have an acute awareness of death and may even think about death many times a day. Their sensitivity to this topic makes this a good time to take about eternal life. A special Faith Marker event is held in late spring for children and their parents that presents eternal life to the children and helps them to draw closer to the living God.

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