SatSaturdayOctOctober10th2015 Child Dedication 10/10/2015 Parents who wish to dedicate their children to the Lord during the services October 10/11 need to attend the class on October 4

    Eastbrook Church Council

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    Jeff Davis Church Council Member
    Yiwa Gu Church Council Member
    Keith Hacker Church Council Member
    David Jansson Church Council Member
    Curt Laetz Church Council Vice President
    Angela Pintar Church Council Secretary
    Manuel Rosado Church Council Member
    Chris Weida Church Council President What are your responsibilities at Eastbrook? I'm a Worship Leader and have served on the Church Council since 2010 including as liaison to Eastbrook... More
    To proclaim and embody the love of Jesus Christ in the city and in the world.

    5385 N Green Bay Ave. | Milwaukee, WI 53209
    414.228.5220 | (f) 414.228.5235
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